What is a Crossfitter?
By Lance Manywounds

With all the craziness that has ensued in 2020, I thought it would be a good idea to write what it means to me to be a crossfitter and how that can potentially help us all in the new reality we all live in now. 

I started CrossFit back in 2007 on my own in a garage like many and a few years later joined a CrossFit gym. Little did I know that would shape essentially my whole adult life up to now and open doors to friends and experiences I never could have dreamt of. It was through CrossFit that I met many of my best friends today and formed a support network that has seen me through many difficult times the past 13 years especially our current one in 2020.

CrossFit is a family, it’s a group of like minded individuals from all walks of life that come together for one common goal which is to be functionally healthy to support what we all do in our daily lives. We laugh, we have fun, we celebrate, we run, jump and do burpees. We are a collective that no matter where you go in the world if you drop in to another gym you’re treated as family. CrossFit is very unique within the fitness world and some call it a cult but for anyone who has ever tried it they know the truth. We are a group of people who support you no matter what…we don’t see color, political beliefs, size, gender, sexual orientation or anything that people use to divide others in the outside world… we see crossfitters and people that care about one another. Yes, it really can be that simple and the goal of every CrossFit community I’ve ever been a part of is to raise the other person up beside them. It’s the saying that a rising tide raises all ships and this has definitely been true for the community of people we have had come through Sol the past 8 years. 

For me personally, I have seen the profound and life changing affects it can have on others when someone becomes a crossfitter. Here is just one example of the 100’s that have happened in Sol over the years…

I have seen a young lady come in to our gym incredibly self-conscious and unsure of herself only to find out she is a vivacious, adventurous individual who hadn’t been living her truth. She was stuck in the monotony of everyday life and thought her destiny was to be a couch potato forever and lead a rather boring, safe life. Instead, she realized that didn’t have to be her life. She realized she could create a new path for herself, one full of adventure and joy. What did this look like…well to make a long story short this individual was working a job she did not like and engaged to someone who didn’t enjoy the outdoors or being active and was literally the complete antithesis of what she wanted for herself deep down. She was able to find herself through the training and the support she received through CrossFit to breakout of that life. Yes, it was difficult for her to quit her job and break things off but that has lead her to being happier than she ever imagined. 

Change starts at the end of our comfort zones and we never know what we are capable of until we venture outside of it. CrossFit is stepping outside the “comfort zone” for many and I believe that is what embodies the spirit of a crossfitter. We are searching for the better versions of ourselves. We are looking for improvement in not only our bodies but in every area of our life. We understand that living a great life starts with your health and once you gain that, then it’s building the life you truly want supported by a group of people on a similar journey.

To the outside looking in we look like a bunch of fitness fanatics that just like to “WOD” but I promise it is much more than that. We are pursuing the best versions of ourselves and supporting each other through it regardless…that is what a crossfitter is.

If you’re someone looking for a change or wanting more out of life you may be surprised what you find!

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