The #1 Secret to Eating Healthy
By Jessie Christensen

It’s late afternoon on a rainy fall day. You are about to head into the kitchen and suddenly find yourself wondering, “What the heck am I going to eat for dinner?” 

You desperately rummage through your fridge, freezer, and cupboards to see what you have, but can’t come up with any meal ideas.

“Forget it! I’m ordering take out!” you decide. 

Sound familiar?

I have one simple trick that will prevent this from happening to you ever again: MEAL PLANNING.

If the concept of meal planning makes you feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. But I am here to make it simple and fun. 

So, let’s dive right in. Here are 5 reasons why meal planning will change your life:

1. Meal Planning Will Ensure You Eat Healthier

If you are looking to eat healthier, meal planning is a must. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail because eating healthy isn’t something that just happens on its own. It takes some extra work, but it is so worth it! When you take the time to plan out your meals and grocery shop you set yourself up for success.

2. Meal Planning Will Make You Feel Healthier and Happier

When you create a healthy meal plan, you eat healthy, you look healthy and you feel healthy. You’ll have more energy and feel happier. Cheers for a healthier, happier you!

3. Meal Planning Helps You and Your Family Come Together and Develop Healthy Habits

Eating habits are learned behaviors. If you are a parent, what your children eat at home early in their lives can influence their eating habits later in life. Meal planning will help you model healthy behaviors that your children will soak in. Children love eating what they have helped to make so try to get the whole family involved.

4. Meal Planning Will Save You Time Because It Means Fewer Trips To The Store 

When you plan out your meals for the week, you can do your grocery shopping all in one shot, instead of making multiple trips to the grocery store. #WearYourMask

Meal planning helps you determine exactly what you need which will cut down on your shopping time. You also know exactly what you are making so you don’t waste time searching for ideas throughout the week.

5. Meal Planning Will Save You Money and Reduce Food Waste

Have you ever walked into a grocery store with no plan? You might end up throwing a bunch of random stuff into your cart hoping for the best. But by the end of the week, many of your groceries are still in your fridge and starting to go bad. Guilty!

I did some research and found that food waste is a huge issue right now. The average U.S. household throws out 474 lbs of food every year! That means 1 in 4 food purchases ends up in the garbage. 

Not only is this a huge waste of your hard-earned money but it has a massive impact on our environment. Meal planning will help you organize a grocery list so that when you arrive at the store, you only purchase what you actually need, which will save you money and help reduce food waste.

I hope you found these few tips encouraging to take the next step in your meal planning journey. You never know, you actually may find it simple and fun!