1. It has completely changed my perspective on fitness

    I joined Sol in January 2017, only a few weeks after a cross-country move from my home state of Pennsylvania.  I had been doing Crossfit on and off for about two years before my move, but the community at Sol is unique and special.  I didn't know a single person when I moved to Phoenix, but the folks at Sol welcomed me with open arms.  It has been encouraging and motivating to walk into the gym…Read More

    Esther Winnie
  2. Sol has made me a more confident person

    My crossfit journey began about a year ago while looking for a group fitness gym. I knew what crossfit was, but it always seemed too intimidating or too intense for me. On a whim, I signed up for Sol and I can't believe I didn't sign up years ago. From my first class, I was hooked! The community at Sol is motivating, and everyone wants you to succeed. The coaches are especially phenomenal: taking …Read More

    Marissa Roge
  3. Now I can crank through 100 sit-ups…

    I joined Sol Crossfit about a year ago.  It took a really good friend of mine 2 years to convince me to try it and I can’t thank him enough for his perseverance as my physical accomplishments have been incredible.  A year later I am arguably in the best shape of my life!  In the beginning I would struggle to complete 10 sit-ups, could barely perform a squat, and was winded after running sh…Read More

    Jeff Low
  4. I really enjoy the community

    I started Sol CrossFit in July 2017 after retiring from ASU. I considered myself pretty fit for a 60 year-old—I ran two miles a day, lifted light weights, did sit-ups, lunges and squats. But after sitting at a desk for 20 years, I was tight. I had chronic neck and upper back problems—mostly trigger points in my rhomboid muscles that would spasm, limit my mobility, and pretty much debilitate me…Read More

    Jill Wilson
  5. I was completely back to my normal self

    In June of 2017 my husband and I joined Sol after moving away from our previous Crossfit gym we attended for 3 years. I was 7 weeks postpartum at the time with our second child. I had done Crossfit throughout my pregnancy and foolishly thought I would be able to jump back in right where I left off before pregnancy. Boy was I wrong! Lance, along with the coaches at Sol, helped me ease back into wor…Read More

    Natalie Herbig
  6. I’ve become an even better version of myself

    When I first joined Sol I was hoping to tone up and feel more energetic, but what I was not expecting was being able to rediscover a part of myself I had lost. In the beginning, I was nervous watching all the athletes perform such complex and impossible seeming movements, but every coach at Sol believes and welcomes you. The coaches inspired and motivated me to work hard making me remember what be…Read More

    Jennifer Orozco
  7. Welcoming from the moment I walked in

    I came in on Friday and needed a place to train. Sol happened to be the nearest CrossFit gym. They were welcoming from the moment I walked in. I jumped in with the noon class and everyone was great. I'll definitely be back at Sol for my next trip to Phoenix.…Read More

    Eric G.
  8. Best gym I’ve found

    Coaches are well educated and are aware of each individual's capabilities. Technique is emphasized and no one vomits. The program is very effective and one can quickly excel to their fitness goals. Best gym I've found.…Read More

    Apri W.
  9. Built from a true passion for Crossfit

    Amazing coaches, great friendships and such a fun time always. So happy to be a part of this growing gym that was built from genuine, hard working people with a true passion for Crossfit.…Read More

    Janell P.
  10. Best I’ve found in 20 years

    I've had personal trainers before and been going to regular gyms for almost 20 years. Nothing has come close to the results or training I've gotten from Sol Crossfit.…Read More

    Jeffery P.