I’ve become an even better version of myself

When I first joined Sol I was hoping to tone up and feel more energetic, but what I was not expecting was being able to rediscover a part of myself I had lost. In the beginning, I was nervous watching all the athletes perform such complex and impossible seeming movements, but every coach at Sol believes and welcomes you. The coaches inspired and motivated me to work hard making me remember what being an athlete feels like again. Now I can do an overhead squat, snatch, or power clean all things I never believed was possible for me!

Aside from being physically stronger, I have developed much healthier habits in the last 5 months. I can breathe better, think more clearly, and sleep easier because I kicked my bad habits away like smoking, and staying out late with my friends. CrossFit has shown me how to be disciplined, consistent, and mentally tough. All of the positivity that flows in the box follows me the rest of the day and I haven’t felt as comfortable in my own skin since joining. I’m so excited to see how I can improve and become an even better version of myself with the help of my Sol family!

Jennifer Orozco