I was completely back to my normal self

In June of 2017 my husband and I joined Sol after moving away from our previous Crossfit gym we attended for 3 years. I was 7 weeks postpartum at the time with our second child. I had done Crossfit throughout my pregnancy and foolishly thought I would be able to jump back in right where I left off before pregnancy. Boy was I wrong! Lance, along with the coaches at Sol, helped me ease back into working out with my postpartum body that was still recovering. The 3 levels were very helpful and allowed me to work my way up as time went on gaining my strength and endurance back. By 1 year postpartum I was completely back to my normal self workout wise with a strong core that the coaches and I focused on tremendously.

Now, after being a member for over 2 years I am stronger than I was prior to pregnancy both physically and mentally. This was something I never imagined possible. Also, as a result I’ve experienced tremendous aesthetic changes which were not my goal but a lovely byproduct of the programming and the work I put in. The changes outside the gym are what matters most to me though. I have tons of energy to keep up with my 2 year old daughter and 9 year old son. Both of them see my husband and I working out and have begun to mimic us. My son currently does Crossfit 1-2 days a week and is loving it. He also brags about his “strong mom” which makes me happy and proud.

My husband and I have both developed friendships at Sol which we cherish. The comradery and sense of family at Sol is unmeasurable. It has become my happy place where I can leave all the stressors of the outside world at the door and focus on me. My physical changes as well as personal changes in my day to day life would without a doubt not be possible without Sol.

Natalie Herbig