CrossFit is Community

When you join our gym, you become family. It’s that simple. The CrossFit community has an amazing sense of camaraderie due to the bonding rituals of pushing yourselves, together. If you’re looking for a fitness routine that connects you with others, you’ll be hard-pressed to find somewhere that feels more like home.

Complete Fitness

The CrossFit approach is unique. Unlike other fitness training programs, CrossFit is focused on helping each individual physically competent in every aspect of physical fitness instead of focusing on solely one.

Largest Gym in Central Phoenix

Our facility is 5,100 square feet, making it the largest gym in central Phoenix. We offer changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms, as well as state-of-the-art equipment. With everything you need to succeed, come to visit us for your WOD.

Why Sol?

At Sol, we combine our extensive knowledge with a genuine passion for helping others succeed. With educated and experienced coaches and a supportive, uplifting community, we are happy to be Phoenix’s best CrossFit gym. Find out for yourself by signing up for a FREE 2 week trial!