Corrective exercise is a systematic approach to identifying neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction. These dysfunctions generally lead to injury if not caught in time. By developing an integrated corrective plan that’s specific to these imbalances and dysfunction, we can greatly reduce the chance of injury. This plan would consist of a mobility program that is tailored to that individual, based off of several assessments used to determine these imbalances. Certain isolated strengthening techniques will be used to help strengthen weak muscles, while over-active muscles are addressed with a self-myofascial release (ie. foam roll, lacrosse ball smash). Another technique used to address these over-active muscles are DMS (Deep Muscle Stimulator) treatments. This machine uses vibration and percussion to penetrate deep into the muscles. It helps inhibit tight muscles, and can stimulate weak muscles while promoting blood flow to the area. Common benefits from DMS treatments are increased circulation, reduced pain, faster rehab from injury, increased lymphatic flow, breaking up scar tissue, reducing lactic acid build-up, tissue regeneration, and soft/active tissue release. As you can see, corrective exercise and mobility are very important to one’s personal fitness and overall quality of life. If you are concerned with imbalances in your body, come into our CrossFit gym for help!