At Sol CrossFit we believe in improving movement mechanics and living a pain-free active lifestyle. Our bodies are meant to work as a cohesive system to achieve maximal functional performance. Corrective exercise is a process in which each system of the body is carefully assessed to identify why pain or mobility restrictions may be occurring during functional movement activity, and developing a strategy to fix underlying issues.

Corrective exercise can be used as a fundamental application for decreasing the experience of pain, move optimally, improve health, vitality, and fitness over time. Oftentimes individuals will experience pain during specific movement patterns. Our bodies are not meant to experience pain when moving through functional moving patterns. The old ideology of “no pain no gain” is outdated and misaligned with long term sustainable health and function. The experience of pain is often related to muscular imbalances, lack of motor control, decreased mind muscle connection, or improper breathing patterns.

If you have experienced pain or mobility restrictions currently or in the past, contacting Coach Levi for a 1 on 1 assessment will benefit you!