Sol CrossFit was created to foster an environment where anyone, regardless of fitness level, can achieve their fitness goals.


Caring and professional coaches – Our expert fitness coaches have taught over 20,000 CrossFit classes collectively and understand the importance of supporting, instructing, and moving clients safely through all aspects of their training program.

A supportive community – Sol’s belief in family, friendliness, and hard work have created an atmosphere that elevates and inspires people to achieve. From the moment you step through the door at Sol, it will be evident why we are different than other gyms.

Accountability to your goals – Our goal is to ensure that our clients are progressing. We assess, measure, test, and coach you through all aspects of your fitness journey. By continually assessing where clients are, it keeps them accountable to us and us accountable to them.

Proven record – Whether you’re a stay at home mom or an aspiring CrossFit competitor, we have helped hundreds of clients reach their goals.

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