Having gone to a globo gym for over 10+ years and doing bodybuilding workouts I was getting bored of the same routine. In 2012 my sister introduced me to Crossfit and since that time, I have immersed myself in all things Crossfit. I remember my first Crossfit workout and how it humbled me so much. I was so confused! I thought I was fit but why did I have the Fran coughs after doing 500m row and air squats for 3 rounds and did I really get beat by a woman who was 15 years older than me. I was hooked after that. I got my Crossfit Level 1 certificate in 2014 and started coaching shortly after that. When I am not at Sol CrossFit working out or coaching you can find me spending time with my wife and twins.

Favorite WOD: Grace and, recently, Fran
Favorite Olympic Lift: Snatch
Favorite strength movement: Squat