I have been an athlete my entire life. From baseball to basketball to football and now CrossFit, I have always thrown caution to the wind, trying to find my 100 percent. It all starts with trusting my coaches. I started CrossFit in 2014 and fell in love with the competitiveness, the feeling at the end of the WOD and the community of like-minded people.

I have had an interesting start to 2020 and if you’d like a good conversation, I have a good ear and a great story to tell.

I love gymnastics! It has made me a better Crossfitter and Olympic lifter. Not to mention, it has taught me some cool party tricks. I’ve competed in multiple CrossFit competitions and placed third overall in the 2018 Grit Games – not bad for 40 year old competing against 20 somethings!

I currently have my CF – L1 certification and my CF Gymnastics certification. Looking forward to the Olympic Lifting certification soon.