I grew up in Peoria, Arizona. I started out playing basketball when I was younger and transitioned to football my sophomore year of high school. That is where I found my passion for exercise and weight lifting. Shortly after graduating high school in 2014, I found a local CrossFit gym where I fell in love with Olympic weightlifting. I spent four years honing my technique and strength in the snatch and clean and jerk. I’ve competed at several local weightlifting meets throughout the years and once at the state championship. In 2020 when my wife and I were living in Vacaville, California, we decided to join a CrossFit gym where I developed my passion for coaching.Shortly after that, I got my Level 1 and 2 Certifications. It brings me joy to help people achieve their goals, whether that be losing weight or getting their first pull up. I coach because I want to give people the resources and knowledge to be successful in their fitness journey.
Something personal: I have a beautiful wife and son who also love CrossFit. I enjoy riding motorcycles and I am also a photographer.