I started practicing yoga on DVDs and decided to take a yoga class at a studio 6 years ago. I went 5 days a week for a year. I loved the feeling after practicing and how clear my mind was. Yoga helped me deal with a lot of stress that I was dealing with in my marriage. I decided I wanted to help others learn how to deal with stress. I went to Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts and received 800 hr advanced yoga certificate. Towards the end of my training I gained enough courage to leave the unhealthy marriage with no money and now a single mom. Was scary at first but learning in yoga how to breath through uncomfortable and sometimes painful situations helped me through it. Now 2 years later I competed in figure competitions and was in oxygen magazine with my daughter by my side. I feel yoga is a great way to restore your body after strenuous workouts. My favorite classes to teach are flow or Vinyasa because they focus on moving with your breath.