I grew up as a gymnast, wake boarding, playing softball, volleyball, rugby and boxing. At 18, I got very sick with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which paralyzed me for a few months. During my long and humbling recovery, I began coaching and developed a true passion. 

Since then, I have enjoyed working with people at every level to reach their goals. I discovered CrossFit while attending and training at the Fire Academy in 2010. I enjoy incorporating my years of training experience with CrossFit’s training philosophy.

Fun Fact

  • I can fly helicopters, I just can’t take off or land them yet.

Training Specialties

  • Functional Training
  • Movement Specialist
  • Injury Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports Specific Coaching


  • 2004 National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion
  • 2005 North American Bodybuilding Championship, 3rd Place
  • 2013 Go Ruck Challenge Finisher
  • 2013 CrossFit Fury, 1st place
  • D1 USA Women’s Rugby
  • Avid Trampoline Dodge Ball Player


  • CrossFit L1
  • NASM, Apex Nutrition
  • Emergency Response & Operations
  • Fire Science AAS