I’ve always been an active person doing anything from Kung-Fu as a child to playing football in high school. But shortly after graduating I found myself overweight, unhappy with my self image and with completely unhealthy habits I had become too comfortable accepting. My journey back to fitness started at a local globo gym. First I stuck to conventional body building workouts, later adding road biking and yoga atop my gym routine, but still felt something was missing. After being introduced to Crossfit by a childhood friend in May of 2013 I was hooked! The group atmosphere, competitiveness and push of great coaches built a desire to learn more and share what I knew with others. Crossfit has given me much more than just fitness. It’s given me a strong understanding of myself and serves as a constant reminder I am never done learning. The person I have become today because of Crossfit wouldn’t even recognize the person I was. I’m proud to be part of such a wonderful community of people and honored to share the positive influences Crossfit has had on my life through coaching.