When Should I Rest From Crossfit Training?

Crossfit is an effective training program because of the high intensity levels of the workouts. Additionally, athletes dedicate themselves to training on a daily basis centering on a Workout of the Day routine. However, to achieve the best results and prevent injury, it is important for any crossfit athlete to take rest days. Despite the “no off days” mentality many dedicated athletes have, this approach is actually detrimental to achieving one’s own fitness goals because rest days allow the body’s muscle tissue to repair and recover. When an athlete consistently trains every single day without taking the proper steps to let their body heal, not only will the workouts be less productive but also it is very possible to get seriously injured.

How Often Should I Take Rest Days?

One of the most popular training regiments for crossfit athletes is “three days on, one day off.” This method is considered to be tried and true by many crossfit coaches and personal trainers, but this does mean it will work for absolutely everyone. For instance, new crossfit members probably lack the body strength and muscle mass to jump right into this regiment. However, experienced crossfit athletes have built up the endurance and strength to handle this amount of exercise without sacrificing proper form or falling victim to fatigue. In order to determine when to take rest days, the best thing to do is simply listen to you the signs your body is giving you. Are you struggling to use proper form over the course of multiple exercises? Are you having difficulty keeping pace with other people in your crossfit classes despite having the determination to finish your sets? These are key signs that you may have put too much strain on your body and require some additional rest.

Quality Rest Leads To Quality Training

Proper form is crucial to crossfit training, and one thing we like to tell people visiting our Phoenix crossfit gym is to “practice safe sets.” While this is extremely important in regards to completing training routines, this concept is also important when it comes to rest days. Simply put, the better your rest days are, the better your training will be. In order to get proper rest, it is important to limit physical activity as well as get enough hydration and sleep. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night is vital to maintaining a healthy exercise regimen. However, rest days do not mean just lying about on the couch while binge watching your favorite TV shows. In addition to simply taking rest days, many crossfit athletes also seek restorative treatment on their rest days. For some people, this means attending restorative yoga classes while others prefer to get a monthly massage on their rest days. While light yoga can provide some stretching that can help loosen up the body, massages are great for getting the relaxation that leads to good sleep as well as helping muscles return to their full strength.

There is no doubt that crossfit is an effective way to train. Phoenix residents of all capabilities can benefit from crossfit training, and at Sol Crossfit, we aim to help all of our members reach their fitness goals. Contact us online or call 480-696-5368 to learn more about our 2 week free trial, and please remember to rest as wisely as you work out.



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