What You Need to Know About Crossfit


More than just the latest trend in fitness, crossfit training and workout regimens provide even star athletes with levels of physical strength and stamina rarely experienced in the sports and fitness world. With so many individuals expressing interest in crossfit gyms in Phoenix, we are hearing, more and more, the number of myths and misconceptions regarding crossfit and its results. Therefore, before you attend your first WOD, it’s important that you fully understand what you are getting into – regardless of your fitness level or gym experience. Crossfit is different than other fitness or group classes and you should know the following before attempting your first class:

  • It's going to be harder than you think. Even those athletes that have engaged in daily exercise for years and consider themselves “fit” have struggled during their initial months of crossfit. Understand that you will be working out muscles that you are not used to working and pushing them in ways you didn’t think was possible. It is worth it, but you will be sore.
  • You won't get much support from family or friends - at first. Armed with statistics and horror stories, your misguided, albeit well-meaning, friends and family members will try to talk you out of crossfit training. Talk with those who are educated and versed in crossfit personally. Listening to those who have never stepped in a crossfit gym will only confuse you, possibly keeping you from beginning your path to fitness and health.
  • You will feel and appear clumsy. Even those who are “naturally athletic” have found more than one workout or crossfit exercise that they weren’t comfortable with – or even good at. While your personal abilities come into play – you may be able to lift incredible amounts of weight, for example, but can’t run a mile to save your life – it does take time and practice to get better at any of the exercises. In fact, there are some aspects of the workout of the day that you may never be good at. Be okay with your clumsiness – we’ve all been there.
  • You will need to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to speak up during your crossfit workout. Being shy about the exercise can only lead to improper technique and the increased risk of injury. Your fitness coaches and trainers are there to help. Make sure you involve them in your WOD whenever needed.

With these four basic understandings, you should be able to more fully enjoy your first crossfit classes in Phoenix. Though you’ll learn much more as you continue to get better with each workout of the day, these basics should keep you from feeling out of your element and will help you get as much as you can out of crossfit training.



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