What Makes Crossfit Training So Popular?

The increasing interest in crossfit is rather astounding. In the last 10 years, the number of crossfit gyms in the United States has grown from just 13 in 2005 to over 13,000, representing a 1000% increase over the course of a decade. Although the simple numbers of crossfit gyms are unprecedented, some people still believe crossfit to be a passing fitness fad despite millions of Americans showing up to crossfit classes day after day. In fact, perhaps the best comparison to demonstrate the popularity of crossfit is that there are more crossfit gym locations than there are Starbucks locations. And yet, despite all the evidence that crossfit is not simply a fad, many people still ask the question: what makes crossfit so popular? At Sol Crossfit, we believe that crossfit’s continued rise is due to three distinct reasons: the crossfit community is extremely supportive, crossfit workouts provide variety while training, and crossfit, quite simply, is an effective way to train.

The Crossfit Community

Estimated numbers on crossfit athletes approximate that nearly 4 million Americans are current crossfit devotees. This is a staggering number because 4 million people is also roughly the size of the population of Los Angeles. At Sol Crossfit in Phoenix, we see our crossfit community continuing to grow. As new trainees enter the box, they are greeted with resounding support from others, especially in our group classes. Because members hold each other accountable, even the most out of shape person can be transformed into a true crossfit athlete.

The Workout Of The Day (WOD)

In addition to providing the support people need to be active, crossfit also prevents exercise burnout due to the variety offered in the training. Although each crossfit gym operates independently in order to best serve the local residents, a central core of the training across the country is the Workout of the Day, which is commonly abbreviated to WOD. The WOD keeps athletes motivated to continue training because it presents the opportunity to do different things and expand the body’s range of movement instead of simply picking up something heavy over and over. At Sol Crossfit, we post a WOD on our blog every day, each one designed by our training staff to best serve Phoenix crossfit athletes.

Crossfit Results

Perhaps, though, the primary reason that crossfit’s popularity has been on the rise for more than a decade is that crossfit provides the results people want to see. While these results are certainly influenced by the joy of participating in the crossfit community as well as the training variety provided by the WOD, the bottom line is that more people are able to reach their fitness goals while training with crossfit than nearly any other style of exercise.

If you are ready to give crossfit a chance, Sol Crossfit is the perfect place to start. With daily classes and personal trainers available, our Phoenix crossfit gym can help you get into shape and reach your fitness goals. Contact us online or call 480-696-5368 and ask about how you can give crossfit a try with our free 2 week trial.



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