November 26th WOD


C:A: Hang Clean from Blocks (8x2)

build to a tough double

C:B: Metcon (Time)

Working in 3 min work/2min rest increments until complete;
Complete in any order
100 Ring dips
150 t2b
150 OHS 95/65
300 Du’s
1 mile run

Level 1 & Level 2:

Wod 1: Metcon (Time)

Turkey Wod: 45 min Time Cap
All wods in teams of 2!

Approx - 125 cal burned

1 mile turkey trot

Wod 2: Metcon (Time)

Approx- 250 cal burned

Walk around mall with barbell loaded 135/95
50 PC 135/95

Wod 3: Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Approx- 150 cal burned

6 min amrap
Partner 1-box jumps 24/20
Partner 2-burpees

Switch when tired of that movement.

Wod 4: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

Approx-220 cal burned

Partner 1-amrap
10 sit ups rx+v-ups
10 kbs 53/35 rx+70/53

Partner 2- run 200m

*** each partner completes 3 runs each

Wod 5: Metcon (Time)

200 Cal Ski



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