May 9th WOD


Level 1
L1:A1: Good morning variation (5x8)
@3011; build to a tough set
L1:A2: Push-ups (Max Reps x 5)
@10X1; if you are very strong with push up then load a 45/25 plate on your back
L1:B: Metcon (Time)
6 Rounds For time

10 kbdl 53/35
5 burpees
10 air squats
200m run

Level 1 Rx+
L1+:A: Deadlift (1-8-1-8)
@10X1; loading sequence is 97.5%. 80%, 97.5%,80%; rest 1 min between the 1 rep and 8 but 5 mins between the 8 and 1; this will be very heavy so if you don't complete the 8 reps unbroken, rest 10 sec and finish the reps
L1+:B: Close Grip Bench Press (10 min emom; 3 Cgbp)
@20X1; with a partner build to a to heavy triple
L1+:C: Diane (Time)
Deadlifts, 225# / 155#
Handstand Push-ups

F3:A1: Stork Deadlift (5x10-12)
@3010; no rest
F3:A2: Push-ups (5x12-17)
@3010; rest 2 mins
3+:A2: Single Leg Deadlift (5x8)
adv use a barbell and do 1 leg dl@3010; no rest
3+:A2: Weighted Push-Ups (5-5-3-3-3)
@20X1; build off last week; rest 2 mins
F3:B: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
11 min amrap

Buy in

Run around mall w/medball 20/14



10 box step overs 24/20 (length)
12 kb dl 26/18 int 35/26 adv 53/35
14 incline push ups on rig(use j cups and lay a bar across it to create the incline)

Sol Endurance
SE: Metcon (Time)
4 Rounds For time

800m run
15 burpees
200m fw
40 sit ups

C: Comp WOD (1 Rounds for reps)
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