May 9th WOD


AM:CA: Metcon (No Measure)
Tall clean; 4x5; skill work
AM:CB: Clean+Hang clean below knee (1+1x9)
build to a heavy complex; rest 3 mins between sets once load exceeds 70%
AM:CC: Metcon (No Measure)
C1. Tall Jerk; 3x5; skill work
C2. Pause jerk; 3x5; skill work
AM:CD: Push Press + Jerk (1+1x9)
build to a heavy complex; rest 3 mins once load exceeds 70%
AM:CE: Metcon (Time)
For time
30 PC 135
30 Kbs 80/53
PM:CA: Metcon (No Measure)
Gymnastics skill
4 x 10-15 strict t2b; rest 2 min between sets
PM:CB: Metcon (Time)
3 rounds for time

10 Dl 275/185
10 bar over burpees
Rest 5 min
PM:CC: Metcon (Time)
For time

C2b pull ups
Rest 5 min
PM:CD: Metcon (Time)
For time

Run 400m
40 thrusters 95/65

Level 1 Rx+
L1+A: Snatch+Mid hang snatch (1+1x 8)
build to a tough complex; rest as needed
L1+:B: Isabel (Time)
For Time: 30 Snatches, 135# / 95#
L1+:B: Handstand Push-ups (3 set max reps )
rest 1 min between attempts

Level 1
L1:A: High hang snatch+hang snatch below knee (1+1x 8)
build to a tough complex
L1:A: Snatch Grip Deadlift (Skill Work Only 10x10)
rest as needed; be very deliberate with skill work; bb only, no load
L1:B: Randy (Time)
For Time:
75 Power Snatches, 75#
In honor of Randy Simmons, 51, a 27 year LAPD veteran and SWAT team member who was killed February 6 in the line of duty.
To learn more about Randy click here
9 min time cap
L1:B: Dips (3 sets for max reps)
rest 1 min between attempts

Level 2
L2:A: Back Squat (5x6-8)
@33X1; no rest
L2:A2: Powell Raise (5x10-12)
@3010; rest 60 sec
L2:B: Max Plank (Time)
Max Plank
Do this before AMRAP
L2:B: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
17 min amrap

Buy in max plank (scored separately)

20 ring rows
Ski 200m
20 kbs 26/18
Run 200m
20 sit ups


Buy in the same

40 ring rows
Ski 400m
40 kbs 44/26
Run 400m
40 sit ups

Sol Endurance
SE:A: Metcon (Time)
For time

40 box over burpees
Run 1 mile
2 min rest
SE:B: Max Pull ups; 1 attempt (AMRAP - Reps)
use hardest band if using a band
Rest 1 min
SE:C: Max Push Ups (1 attempt) (AMRAP - Reps)
1 min rest
SE:D: 100 Sit-Ups (Time)
Perform 100 sit-ups for time
1 min rest
SE:E: Sorenson (Time)
Max hold- Back Extension; 1 attempt



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