June 7th WOD

Level 1
L1:A: Metcon (No Measure)
Tall split jerk+pause split jerk; 5+5 x3; skill work 7-10 mins
L1:B: Push Press + Jerk (1 push press+1 jerk x 10)
build to a tough set
L1:C: Metcon (2 Rounds for time)
500m row; x2; rest 6 mins between; this is a max effort row
Level 1 Rx+
L1+:A: Jerk (10 min emom)
first five mins perform 2 jerks; final 5 minutes perform 1 jerk; build to a tough single
L1+:B: Metcon (Calories)
45 sec ab; x8; rest 4 mins between and 7 between 4 and 5
F3:A1: DB Close Grip Bench Press (@30X1; 5x10)
no rest
F3:A2: Plank ( 75-120 secs x5)
Plank on hands; rest 2 mins
3+:A1: Close Grip Bench Press (@20X1; 5x8)
3+:A2: V-Ups (25 v-ups x5)
F3:B: Metcon (Time)
For time

Run around mall
30 burpees
25 db thrusters 20/12 int 30/20 adv 50/35
200m run
10/7 cal ab
Sol Endurance
SE: Track Workout (Time)
Meet at Phoenix College at 6:00am
C: Comp WOD (1 Rounds for reps)
Check Facebook Group for WOD



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