Is Crossfit Safe?

One of the most widely spread myths on the internet is that crossfit is unsafe, but this a false idea being spread repeatedly across the web by misinformed people. So, for once and for all, crossfit is a safe way to exercise.

If crossfit is a safe way to exercise, why do so many people say it isn’t?

There are many answers to this question, but a common misconception is that crossfit is unsafe because athletes can get hurt. However, this is also true of many popular sports, even those that are considered non-contact sports such as tennis. The fact of the matter is that any athletic movement can cause an injury. Injuries occur when an athlete is not properly trained on the correct way to move, or if a pre-existing injury is worsened due to poor form. At Sol Crossfit, we offer group classes for beginning crossfit athletes in order to teach proper form as well as corrective exercise classes for individuals who need to change their body’s movements. Crossfit itself is a safe way to train, but like all training methods, proper form can prevent injuries.

What can I do to prevent crossfit injuries?

In addition to practicing good form, there are a number of ways to reduce the risk of being injured during crossfit training. At Sol Crossfit, we encourage our athletes to push their bodies further than they thought possible, but in a same manner that also includes rest days, staying hydrated, as well stretching. Rest days give the body a chance to recover and repair muscles that have been pushed to the brink. Staying hydrated keeps the body in better shape and mitigates fatigue that can cause poor form. Finally, stretching before and after exercising allow the body to warm up and cool down which can also help prevent training injuries.

How do I know when to stop training?

At some point during a workout, your mind will think you are no longer capable of continuing to exercise, but this is not always the case. At Sol Crossfit, we encourage crossfit athletes to train together as part of the community, and this helps athletes develop accountability for knowing when it is time to put down the kettlebells for the day. However, if an exercise is causing physical pain, then it is time for some rest. Although many crossfit athletes think “no pain, no gain”, true pain is a sign that something is going wrong. To prevent an injury, take a break or possibly even hang it up for the day.

Like any sport, the active movements of crossfit are challenging to the body, and therefore the possibility of being injured through improper movement or excessive strain on the muscles does exist. However, like any other sport, proper training methods that include warm up stretching, good form during exercising, as well as proper resting periods will help prevent injuries. At the end of the day, crossfit is a great way to be active and is a safe sport. If you’re looking to give crossfit a try, contact Sol Fitness today.



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