Group Crossfit Classes Build Community

When people think of crossfit, one word we hope rings out at Sol Crossfit is community. Not only do crossfit athletes excel when working out together, but also group workouts are extremely effective ways for every individual to reach their fitness goals. By providing support for their fellow athletes and sharing common goals, workout groups help each individual be healthier, happier, and also more knowledgeable about crossfit which results in better workouts all around. At Sol Crossfit, one of our more popular programs is group coaching because we designed the workout classes for a wide variety of individuals at all different fitness levels. From students and stay at home moms to aspiring crossfit competitors, our coaches at Sol can help you reach your fitness goals.

Personal Training For A Fraction of the Cost

One of the most difficult things for any crossfit athlete is getting started, and there is no better way to receive the motivation and proper skillsets needed to build a workout routine than through a personal trainer. However, because personal trainers typically cost $50 to $100 per hour, they are not affordable for everyone. With group coaching, Sol Crossfit is able to provide an expert coach to teach the proper skills while developing techniques and providing the necessary motivation for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, our coaches guide each athlete through our WOD so that each class member can have the training they need from a reliable source.

Crossfit Programs To Reach Fitness Goals

Depending on the fitness goals of the individual, we have a group program that can help each athlete unlock their full potential. With our Knowledge program, we help new crossfit athletes understand the basics of healthy movement and crossfit safety. We believe that crossfit is like the rest of life in that developing the proper fundamentals will lead to excellent results. These entry level programs are also a great place to find motivation from fellow athletes who have similar goals. We also offer Purpose classes that offer more complex movements and routines as well as competition classes to develop strong, well rounded crossfit athletes. Group fitness classes provide a great opportunity to learn more, regardless of the current level of the attendee.

Motivation From Group Fitness

Another important aspect of group classes is the motivation and accountability that these workouts offer. Because one of the hardest part about working out is getting into the box in the first place, having a group of like-minded classmates can help each individual push their body further than ever. As athletes continue attending classes, friendships also develop that can help each make working out a regular routine. Additionally, when people recognize that they are being counted on by their peers, they are capable of developing more strength and endurance. This process helps every crossfit athlete reach their fitness goals in a similar manner to team building.

Regardless of whether a first time visitor to Sol Crossfit is an experienced competitor or just getting started, our group programs have plenty to offer. By helping expand the knowledge base of each class member, we help athletes reach their goals through a community environment that helps motivate every crossfit athlete to reach their full potential. Contact Sol Crossfit online, or give us a call at 480-696-5368 to see how our group workouts can help you achieve your fitness goals.



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