Five Ways You are Ruining Your Workout

So you've hit it. The dreaded plateau that you've always heard about. That level of fitness and weight loss that all have hit at one point or the other. Yeah, that one. The one that you swore you would never go through. The one you were too smart or too dedicated or too hard-working to experience. But here you are; not getting any stronger or slimmer or any less fat or weak (fill in any self-deprecating adjective here - we've all done that too). So the question should not be "where did I go wrong" but rather "where can I go from here." Stop these workout-ruining habits and you'll soon start to experience ego-boosting results once again:

  • You're still doing the same workout - If you are performing the very same routines, in the same manner, with the same weight, it is no wonder your weight has remained the same. You need to amp it up. Surprise your body into fat-burning, muscle-building mode by making it work once again. Challenge your muscles and yourself by never settling into a routine.
  • You're over-doing it - If you've taken your crossfit workouts to the extreme and not upped your caloric intake, your body will start to fight back. This means that you could be breaking down your muscles at a rate that they cannot recuperate, leaving them more in a state of shock and never able to get stronger. Take a day off or switch to a different type of activity in order to rebuild those muscles.
  • You are only doing strength-training - Or maybe cardio is your thing and you've been exclusively focusing on that element of exercise. Regardless, our bodies are made up of various systems that work together and our bodies need a comprehensive approach to fitness that includes exercises that increase strength, stamina and endurance and a well-rounded workout addresses each of these elements. Try to always incorporate each element during the week. Ask your fitness trainer the best way to do this.
  • You use food as a reward - Now com' on. Do we really have to explain why this would be a no-no? Using your workout success as an excuse to order that supreme pizza and follow it with a pitcher of beer is an obvious fitness faux pas. You've just literally destroyed any progress you've made for the day; maybe even the last two. If rewards are what get you returning to the crossfit gym and busting your butt while there - great! Just make your reward one that is not based on food or alcohol.

By using the help of a personal trainer you can not only keep on track with your workouts, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience that can deliver the results you are looking for. At Sol Crossfit, you can find the support you need to ensure better and longer-lasting workout results. Call us to schedule your first workout with us today.



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