Feb. 6th WOD

Level 1
L1:A: Deadlift (5-3-1-5-3-1)
@10X1; wave load at these percentages; 75%,82.5%,90%,80%,87.5%,95%; rest 3 mins between sets
L1:B: Metcon (Time)
3 Rounds For time

25 Dl 53-60%(should be a weight that's tng)
25 hr push ups
25 t2b/sit ups
Level 1 Rx+
L1+:A: Metcon (Weight)
Mid hang snatch+hang snatch below knee+Snatch; 1+1+1 x4; build to a tough single; rest as needed
Hang snatch below knee+snatch; 1+1x3; build to a tough complex; rest as needed
Snatch; 5x1; build to a tough single
**try to do 1 complex or lift every 2 mins meaning treat it like an Emom; this should take around 24 min to complete
L1+:B: Metcon (Time)
For time

HPC 185/125
F3:A1: Deadlift (5x8-10; )
@3010; no rest
F3:A2: Push-ups (5x8-12)
@3010; rest 2 mins
F3:B: Metcon (Time)
4 rounds for time

15-25 supermans
12-20 sit ups
9-15 cal ski
F3 Advanced
F3+:A: Deadlift (5-5-3-3-1-1)
@10X1; build to a tough single, not a Max; rest 3 mins between sets
F3+:B: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
10 min amrap

10 Dl 185/125
10 bar over burpee
Sol Endurance
SE:A: Weighted Pull-ups ( 5x5)
@22X1; all sets working; if you don't have pull ups do CS ATYT@2020; 5x8; rest 2 mins between sets
SE:B: Metcon (Time)
Ski 500m; x10; rest 1 min between; rest 5 mins between rounds 5 and 6; keep rounds consistent
SE:C: DB Hammer Curls (5x8)
@3010; all sets tough; rest 2 mins between sets
C: Comp WOD (1 Rounds for reps)
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