December 13th WOD


Happy Anniversary Sol!!!

Level 1
L1:A: Shoulder Press (8-8-8-8; build to an 8 rep max)
rest as needed
L1:B: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
60/30 sec; x10

5 burpees
7 t2b
9 wall balls 20/14

Level 1 Rx+
L1+:A: Jerk (10 min emom; 1 Jerk)
men start 100lbs below/ladies start 50lbs below 1RM; men increase 10lbs each minute and ladies increase by 5 lbs; build to a 1 RM
L1+:B: Metcon (Calories)
60/30; x 10 on ab

F3:A1: Dumbbell Lateral Raise (@50X1; 5x8/arm)
Alt db Lateral raise; no rest
F3:A2: Side to Side Walk (w/hip circle; 5x50')
Banded Side to Side Walks
rest 2 mins before A1
F3:B: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
45/45 sec; x10

5 cal ski
7 wall balls 14/8 int 20/14 adv 30/20

Comp: Comp WOD (1 Rounds for reps)
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